Obtaining a Proof of Purchase or Bill of Sale When Buying a Used Mac: A Comprehensive Guide

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When buying a used Mac, obtaining a proof of purchase or bill of sale is essential for a variety of reasons. This document can help protect you in case of disputes, serve as proof for warranty purposes, or aid in recovery if the Mac is stolen. Here is a detailed guide:

1. Understanding a Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is a document provided by the seller to the buyer, recording that a transaction occurred between the two parties. For a used Mac, it generally includes information about the buyer and seller, the date of the transaction, the amount paid, and a description of the Mac.

2. Importance of a Bill of Sale

Having a bill of sale can be beneficial in numerous ways:

  • Proof of Ownership: The document can serve as proof that the Mac was legitimately sold to you and that you’re now the rightful owner.
  • Documentation for Warranty or Repairs: If the Mac is still under warranty, you may need this document for Apple to honor the warranty.
  • Protection against Fraud or Stolen Goods: If the Mac turns out to be stolen, a bill of sale could help protect you by proving you bought it in good faith.

3. Information to Include in a Bill of Sale

A comprehensive bill of sale for a used Mac should contain the following information:

  • Buyer and Seller Details: Full names and contact information.
  • Date of Transaction: The date when the transaction took place.
  • Description of the Mac: The model, year, specs, serial number, and any other distinguishing features.
  • Price: The amount paid for the Mac.
  • Warranty Information: If there’s remaining Apple warranty or AppleCare+, mention this in the document.
  • Signatures: Both the buyer and the seller should sign the document.

4. Asking for a Bill of Sale

When buying a used Mac, request a bill of sale from the seller. If they’re hesitant, explain its importance and reassure them it’s standard practice for second-hand transactions. Some online marketplaces provide templates or generate a bill of sale automatically.

5. Keeping the Bill of Sale Safe

After obtaining the bill of sale, keep it in a safe place. You might need it for future reference, warranty claims, or if you decide to resell the Mac.


Obtaining a proof of purchase or bill of sale is a critical step when buying a used Mac. It offers a layer of protection and serves as a record of the transaction details. Always ensure to get one, and keep it in a secure location for future reference.

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