MacBook Pro 16 Won’t Turn On: Ultimate Guide

Troubleshooting Steps for ​MacBook Pro 16 That ‍Won’t Power On

If your MacBook Pro 16 won’t turn on, follow these troubleshooting steps to⁢ resolve the issue:

  1. Check the Power Connection: Ensure that your MacBook Pro 16 is properly connected to a power source. Check both ends of the power adapter cable to⁣ ensure they⁢ are securely ‍plugged ‍in. If using a power strip or⁣ extension cord, try plugging the adapter ⁣directly into a⁣ wall outlet.

  2. Reset ⁤the SMC: To reset the System Management Controller (SMC), shut down your MacBook Pro 16, connect it to a power source, press and hold the Shift, Control, and Option keys, then press the power button. Release all keys and power button, then press⁢ the power button ⁣again to turn on your MacBook Pro 16.

  3. Perform a Forced Restart: If your MacBook Pro 16 is‍ unresponsive, press and hold the power button for at ‍least 10 seconds until it shuts down. Wait a few seconds, then press the‌ power button again to turn it back on.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you‌ can often resolve power-related issues with your MacBook Pro 16. If the problem⁤ persists, seek further ⁣assistance from Apple Support or an authorized service provider.

Expert Tips to Resolve MacBook Pro 16 Startup Issues

If your MacBook Pro 16 still won’t start⁤ up, try these expert tips:

  1. Check for External Devices: Disconnect all ‍external devices from ​your MacBook Pro 16 and try turning it on again.

  2. Boot in Safe Mode: Start your MacBook ⁢Pro 16⁢ in Safe Mode to identify‍ and resolve software-related issues.

  3. Reset​ NVRAM/PRAM: Resetting the NVRAM/PRAM can ⁢sometimes resolve startup issues. Follow the steps to reset it.

If ⁤you are uncomfortable performing these steps or if the issue persists, contact Apple Support or an authorized service provider for ‍further assistance.

As one of the world’s most ⁢popular laptops, the MacBook Pro ‌16 ‍is well-known for⁤ its sleek design and powerful hardware. ⁣But, like any other electronic device, problems can occur. Many users have reported a common issue with the laptop: it won’t turn on.

Although ‌frustrating, fortunately the power issue won’t⁢ have to lead to ⁤taking your device to the Apple Store. Instead, follow through these troubleshooting steps to try and get your MacBook Pro 16⁣ up and running again:

Required Materials

In order to perform some of the following troubleshooting ​steps, you will need a few basic materials. Gather a small flat-blade screwdriver, a can ​of⁣ compressed air, and a lint-free ⁣cloth or paper towel.

Restarting the‌ MacBook

The simplest step is to try and simply restart it. Start by holding down the power button until the laptop turns off. If restarting doesn’t ⁣do the trick and the laptop refuses to power up, trying ​to reset the system management controller ‌will often do the ⁤job.

Insert the flat-blade screwdriver into ‍the cutout at the bottom of the⁤ MacBook Pro 16,‍ and carefully remove the service cover. Once removed, find the system ⁣management controller on the motherboard, and press the built-in ‌reset ⁣switch.⁢ Since this will ​relieve the SMC from storing a remnant ⁣charge within the‌ system, try restarting the laptop again.

Replacing the Battery

Using the flat-blade screwdriver, unscrew all of‍ the screws in the service cover and remove.‍ Disconnect the battery from the motherboard and check it for any visible damage or​ warping out⁣ of​ shape. If it appears to⁤ be in good condition, try connecting it back up to the motherboard and​ restart the laptop.

If the issue persists, try⁢ replacing⁢ the battery. Ensure to buy from an authorized Apple reseller and to use the correct model for your MacBook Pro 16. ‌Once the battery has been installed, make sure to screw the service cover​ back onto ⁤the​ bottom of the laptop.

Clean ⁣the MacBook’s Fans and Vents

Often, a laptop’s long-term performance is affected by ​dust build-up inside the​ laptop. As dust hovers around the fans and vents, it can prevent the laptop’s temperature from being regulated properly.

To clean the fans and vents, first turn the MacBook⁢ Pro 16 upside down. Using the compressed air and a lint-free cloth, blow air into the laptop and wipe away any debris and dust.

Check for Faulty Wire Connections

If the‍ above​ steps⁣ still don’t ​work, try checking for loose wire connections. First, locate‌ the DC-in board, which provides the power connection and⁣ is located at⁣ the corner of the logic board.

Check for any frayed, broken, or loose wires. Examine each of the cables inside the laptop, from the power port on the side, to the power cords connecting⁢ the logic board. If any​ of the components appear damaged, it may be‍ necessary to ⁢have them replaced​ by an Apple Authorized Service Provider.


The MacBook Pro 16‌ is‌ an excellent laptop,⁤ but sometimes ‍it can ‌suffer from power issues. Thankfully,‌ most of ‍the⁢ time users ⁣can try and troubleshoot ‌the laptop⁢ themselves ⁢and get it working again. Follow through each ‍of these steps, and once the power issue is sorted, you can enjoy the sleek design and excellent performance of the MacBook Pro‌ 16.

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