MacBook Air Flexgate: Ultimate Guide

Understanding MacBook Air Flexgate and its impact on users

MacBook Air Flexgate is a hardware‌ problem that affects specific MacBook Air models. It occurs when the display backlight cable becomes damaged over time due to frequent opening and closing of the laptop’s lid. This issue can lead to various display-related complications, ‍including ⁣screen flickering, dimming, uneven backlighting, or a completely black display.

The impact of MacBook Air Flexgate on users is significant, causing frustration and inconvenience. Affected MacBook Air models may become⁣ challenging or impossible‌ to use due to these display issues. ​This can ​disrupt daily tasks and hinder productivity, especially ⁤for individuals who heavily rely on their MacBook Air for work or personal use. It ⁣is crucial to address this problem promptly to ensure a seamless user experience.

Steps to diagnose and resolve MacBook Air Flexgate problems

  1. Recognize the symptoms: If you suspect your MacBook Air is experiencing Flexgate issues, watch out for signs like screen flickering, dimming, uneven backlighting, or a black display. These symptoms indicate a⁣ potential problem with the display ‍backlight cable.

  2. Conduct a visual inspection: Carefully examine the display cable for any visible damage, such as‌ fraying or tearing. If you notice any ‌issues, ⁣it is likely⁤ that the display backlight cable needs replacement.

  3. Contact Apple Support: Seek assistance from Apple Support. Explain ⁤the symptoms you are encountering and provide them with the necessary information about⁣ your MacBook Air model. They will guide you​ through the next steps, which may involve scheduling a repair appointment at an Apple Authorized Service Provider or an Apple⁤ Store.

  4. Consider repair options: Depending‌ on the severity of the problem and your‌ warranty status, ⁣you⁤ may have different repair options. If your MacBook Air is still under warranty, Apple may cover the‌ repair costs. If not, you can opt for repair services from an authorized provider or explore third-party repair alternatives. It is essential to‌ evaluate the ⁤costs and benefits before making a decision.

  5. Take ​preventive ⁣measures:​ To prevent future Flexgate issues, handle your MacBook Air with care and avoid excessive opening and closing ⁢of ⁣the lid. Additionally, consider using a laptop‍ stand or​ an external monitor to reduce strain on the display cable.

By following these steps, you can effectively diagnose and address MacBook Air Flexgate problems. Remember to consult Apple Support or a professional technician for personalized guidance and to ensure the best possible outcome ⁤for your MacBook Air.

If‍ you are looking for an update on all the latest news related to the MacBook Air Flexgate, ⁢then‍ you have ‌come to the right place. The Flexgate⁤ issue has been ‍affecting the 2016 and 2017 MacBook ‌Air models since July 2019, with‍ reports of the⁣ displays becoming increasingly darker when the lid is bent or closed. However, Apple has recently announced that it will be providing‍ free repairs for the affected models.

This definitive guide aims to provide you with a complete rundown ⁢of the entire issue, including the problematic Flexgate hardware and software⁤ components, how it affects ⁤MacBook Air users and⁢ the options available for getting free repairs.

What is the Flexgate issue?

Flexgate is a hardware issue that affects MacBook Air models ​released ⁢before mid-2018. The problem arises when ⁤the‍ display cables become damaged after ​the laptop has been repeatedly opened and closed. The cables connect the display ​panel to the logic ‍board, ⁣and when the cables are damaged, they can cause the display ‍to become much darker.

What models are affected?

The Flexgate issue affects MacBook Air‍ models between mid-2016 and mid-2018. Affected models‍ include the MacBook Air 13-inch 2016 (8,1)⁢ and 2017 (7,2) models, the MacBook‍ Air 13-inch Retina‍ 2018 (8,2) model, the⁤ MacBook⁤ Air 11-inch 2016 (7,1)‍ model, and the MacBook Air 11-inch 2017​ (8,1) model. It does not affect ⁤any⁤ of the ⁣2020 or​ later models.

What caused the issue?

Apple has ⁤admitted that the Flexgate issue was caused ⁢by a design flaw in ​the way ⁤the display cables are connected to the ​logic⁤ board.⁣ Due to the design, repeated opening and closing of the ‍lid can cause ‍the cables to become worn‍ and damaged over time, resulting in‌ the display becoming increasingly darker.

What are the symptoms?

The Flexgate issue is⁢ characterized‍ by the display becoming ⁣darker when the laptop’s lid is opened ​and ‍closed.⁢ This can often be fixed by re-seating ‌the ​hinge connector or disconnecting the display‌ cables, but the issue will ⁣eventually reoccur due ​to the wear and tear of ⁤the cables.

How can I get my MacBook Air​ repaired?

Apple has recently​ announced that it will⁣ be providing free repairs on all ​affected ​MacBook ⁤Air models. You can set up a repair through Apple’s online support page or contact Apple Support directly. Your repair will include ‌the⁣ replacement of the⁢ display cables and⁢ the surrounding ​components.

It is important to ​note that repairs can‌ be done in-store at an ⁤Apple Store, an Apple Authorized Service Provider,⁢ or by shipping your device to an Apple Repair Center. If your laptop is not under warranty, you may have to‍ pay for the repair costs.


The Flexgate⁢ issue ​is a ⁤hardware design flaw that ⁣affects several MacBook Air models‌ between mid-2016 and mid-2018. ​It‍ occurs when the display cables become worn after repeatedly opening and closing the lid of the laptop. ⁢Symptoms include the display becoming‌ darker when the ⁣lid is opened and closed. Fortunately, Apple is providing free repairs for the affected models. ​If you are experiencing this issue, you can set up a repair through Apple’s online support page or ⁢contact Apple Support directly.

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