How to Have Split Screen on MacBook: Ultimate Guide

How to Enable Split Screen on MacBook: Step-by-Step Guide

To multitask⁤ efficiently on your MacBook, you can use the split screen functionality that allows you to display two applications side by side. Follow these step-by-step ​instructions to enable split screen on ‌your MacBook:

  1. Open the Applications: Launch the applications you ‍want to use in split ‍screen mode. It’s recommended to have both applications⁢ already open before⁤ proceeding.

  2. Enter Full Screen Mode: Click ⁢the ‍green button at ‍the top left ‍corner ‍of the application window to expand it to full screen mode.

  3. Swipe Up with Three Fingers: Use‍ three fingers to swipe up on the trackpad, revealing the ⁤Mission Control⁤ feature that shows‌ all⁤ open windows⁢ and desktops.

  4. Drag and Drop: Find the‍ second application you want to use in split screen mode​ from the Mission Control view. Click and hold the application ‍window, then ⁣drag it to the left or right edge of‌ the screen until a translucent outline appears.

  5. Release the Application: Release ⁢the application window to the‌ desired ⁣side of the screen. The screen will split, and the second application will ⁢occupy the other half.

Tip: To adjust the size of each application in‍ split screen mode, simply click and drag the vertical divider between the ⁢two windows. This allows you to⁤ allocate more space to the application you need to focus on.

Mastering Split Screen⁤ on MacBook: Tips‌ and Tricks

Now that you have‍ enabled split‌ screen on your MacBook, here are some tips ‌and tricks to help you ⁢make the most out of this feature:

  1. Switching Applications: To ⁣switch⁣ between the two applications⁣ in split screen mode, swipe left or right with four fingers on⁢ the trackpad. This gesture allows you to seamlessly navigate between the two ⁤applications without exiting split screen mode.

  2. Adding a Third Application: While in ​split screen mode, you can add a third application by‍ opening it‍ from the Dock or Launchpad. The ‍new ⁤application ‍will open ⁣in a separate window, allowing ⁢you to‌ switch between three applications simultaneously.

  3. Exiting Split Screen Mode: ⁣To exit split screen⁢ mode, move the cursor to the top of the screen to reveal the menu bar. Click on the green button ‍at​ the ​top​ left corner of the application​ window to exit full screen‍ mode. Alternatively, you can ⁣swipe up with ⁤three fingers on the trackpad to access Mission Control and drag‍ the application window out ‍of the split screen area.

Tip: If ⁤you frequently use split screen mode, consider customizing the gestures on your MacBook. Go to ‍”System Preferences” > “Trackpad” > “More Gestures” to explore and configure ​additional gestures that suit your workflow.

Are you looking to maximize the usage of your MacBook and take​ advantage of its full-capacity? Then having Split Screen set up is ⁢an⁢ absolute must. Split ‍Screen is ‍a feature of macOS performaing a e that allow multiple applications to be launched and be placed side-by-side in‍ Full Screen⁣ mode.

This feature can be incredibly useful for multitasking, doing research, or even video editing or coding. Having the information in multiple apps ⁤at once can be a great advantage for productivity. In this guide, we will look into the process of setting up and using ⁤split screen on a​ MacBook.

The main requirements for using Split Screen on ​a Mac are:

• MacOS 10.13 (High ⁤Sierra)

• Two applications running‍ in​ Full Screen mode

Firstly, open the first application​ you ⁤wish to use as you normally would. Once⁢ it is in Full Screen mode,‌ hover your mouse to the top-right corner of your ‍display. A list of applications that you have minimized should appear as a ⁤bar.

To open a​ second ⁢application side-by-side, press and hold the green Full ‌Screen button located on the‍ left side of​ the⁣ minimized application list that you just opened. You should then see a grey bar‍ appear in the empty area of your display, indicating that a second application‍ can be opened in that Split​ Screen location. To open a second‍ application, click on the application to select it, and drag it to⁢ one of the available Split Screen locations on⁤ your display.

The two applications that you ‌have now opened should be arranged side-by-side on your MacBook’s display in Full Screen mode. To change the size of one of the sides, hover your mouse ⁣to the vertical divider between the⁤ two applications and drag. Depending on‍ which side you drag from,⁤ the⁤ size of either the left or‍ right side of⁤ the display will change. You can also click and hold the minimize button on the top-right corner of both applications to minimize ⁢one of them, and make the other take full screen of your display.

Finally, if you wish to close the two applications that are⁢ in Split ‌Screen mode,⁢ hover your mouse to the full screen button of each application ‍in the minimized​ list that appeared in the top-right corner ‍and‍ click it. The applications ​should return to their original state before Split Screen was used.

Split Screen for MacOS can be a great advantage for all types of users, making multitasking ⁢easier ‍and⁤ more efficient than ever. Try setting it up on your MacBook today and see just how much of a difference this feature⁤ can make for you.

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