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When planning to buy a used Mac, one of the most critical steps in the process is checking the current market prices for the model you’re interested in. By doing so, you can ensure that you’re getting a fair deal and not overpaying. Here’s a detailed guide on how to check current market prices before buying a used Mac:

1. Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces such as eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace can give you a general idea of the going rate for the used Mac model you’re interested in. Remember to filter results by ‘sold listings’ on eBay to see what people are actually paying.

2. Refurbished Stores and Certified Pre-Owned Dealers

Check out prices on refurbished stores such as Apple’s Certified Refurbished store or other reputable certified pre-owned dealers like Best Buy, Gazelle, and others. These prices will often be higher than private sales due to the warranty and refurbishment process, but they can still provide a helpful benchmark.

3. Price Comparison Websites

Websites like PriceSpy, PriceRunner, or Google Shopping can help you compare prices across different retailers for a specific Mac model. This can be a quick way to gauge the going rate.

4. Check Mac Pricing Guides

Certain websites specialize in tracking the prices of Apple products. Websites like Mac2Sell and EveryMac can provide a rough estimate of a used Mac’s value based on its specific configuration and condition.

5. Ask in Apple User Forums

Apple-centric forums and communities, such as MacRumors Forums or Apple Stack Exchange, can be valuable resources. These are places where many Apple enthusiasts gather, and you can ask about the current market prices of the used Mac model you’re considering.

6. Consider the Mac’s Specifications and Condition

When checking prices, make sure to consider the Mac’s specifications (processor type, memory, storage, etc.) and its condition. A higher-end configuration or a device in excellent condition will naturally command a higher price.

7. Factor in Any Included Accessories or Software

If the seller is including any accessories, such as an external mouse, keyboard, or software licenses, this can also affect the price. However, remember to assess the value and usefulness of these extras to you.


Knowing the current market prices is a crucial step before purchasing a used Mac. It helps you assess whether a particular deal is fair, allowing you to negotiate with confidence or walk away if the price is too high. Remember, the goal is to find a used Mac that meets your needs and offers good value for your money.